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Rings of agates jaspers Intarsia style Zuni inspired Maury mountain moss agate Dino bone royal imperial jasper, Idaho minerals

Floating Inlay 

Intarsia Inlay Belt Buckel Montana Agate Turkish Stick agate Sterling Silver Dirty work hand

I have always been drawn to the fine Inlay of Zuni Tribes. The Zuni people have perfected this craft through time, originally starting with stone carvings. Eventually, they were introduced to Navajo silversmithing techniques by Astidi Chon.


Chos was a traveling Navajo silversmith. He shared his knowledge, and overtime the traditional Zuni rock carving fused with silver techniques. This is the birth story of Zuni Inlay Jewelry.


 When I gained access to rock-cutting equipment through my late mentor, I set out to create my own version of inlay.

Agates, jaspers, & other precious gems have always been a source of wonder for me. When I began to learn Zuni inlay techniques, I set out to use the knowledge in a way that really showcases the natural beauty of unique stones.

This is when I came up with my Floating Inlay designs. Unlike any other inlay, which is embedded into the silver-work, my Floating Inlay exposes the edges of the stones. This showcases the depth of beauty that comes directly from our natural world.

This line of work is incredibly unique. No two pieces can ever be alike. It is impossible to cut and use the same piece of a stone more than once.

When you custom-build your Floating Inlay piece, you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Design your one-of-a-kind piece below.

Intarsia Jewelry Stone Inlay zuni inspired agate jasper bolo tie Sterling silver handmade artist in action
Playing Cribbage with inlay Jewelry  agate jasper felspar minerals beautiful jewlery
Bolo Tie Sodalite maury mountain Moss agate Oregon Intarsia inlay ring stone inlay jewelry Montana moss agate royal imperial jasper Dino bone Gem bone leather Ring
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