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Orb Ring

Orb Ring

I create balance and symmetry by carefully placing 3 stones in all of my Floating Inlay designs. This is not just some random choice. The number 3 has a deep spiritual meaning. It shows up in many ways, representing important life processes. The 3 primary colors. The past, present, and future. These are just a few examples.


The number 3 is a sign to follow your heart. It's a sign of guidance from the angelic realm. It pops up when you are on the right track in ife, and is a reminder to honor all aspects of yourself in order to acheive balance.


Why not bring this balace into your life with a custom, statement jewelry piece. Not only do you get to adorn the powerful symbolism of the number 3, but you also get to honor this number by choosing stones that resonate with you energetically.


Take the number 3 to higher vibrations. Raise your own vibrations, too!

This is what you can manifest when you treat yourself to this luxury, hand-crafted design.


The Orb Ring is the understated sister to the Eclipse. Not as big or flashy, but just as significant. Orbs are a symbol of the cosmos. A perfectly round shape that encapsulates an abundance of wonder and power. They are also known as  transparent spheres of light that are connected to the spirit realm. 


Design your own orb to create a wearable world of wonder and purpose.


Diameter - 5/8 inch 

Ring Shank - 5mm