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The Prosperity Bracelet

The Prosperity Bracelet

Adorn yourself with ancient protection and guidance when wearing a hand-linked chain from the Everlasting collection. Elegant. Simple. Timeless.


Chain-making dates back to the Egyptian 12th Dynasty, but they have adapted and transcended through centuries. From ancient royalty, to modern symbols of prosperity. 


Much like the everyday adornments worn by Ancient Egyptians, these heirloom pieces provide power, protection, & guidance. The linked circles within these luxury chains are infinite. There is no end or beginning, representing eternal love which leads you on your journey to success.


Each link is hand-forged from .999 fine silver. Links are individually woven, to create a silky, fluid, and timeless chain. Wear it for your lifetime, and pass on the good fortune generations beyond.


The Prosperity Chain is the historical starting block of chain-making. Hundreds of years ago, it was known as the "money chain," since links were easy to remove and use as currency. Today, you can wear this chain to evoke ancient symbolism and cultivate abundance.


Handmade to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment.

Price is calculated by the inch. Custom order for your unique size.

100% Handmade

Fine Silver .999

Sterling Silver Catch .925

Chain Diameter 4mm or 5mm